Kidney Donation

To learn more informaton or to express an interest in kidney donation, please contact one of the following transplant centers:

University of Utah Transplant Center

University Health Care

Contact by phone (801) 581-2634

Visit their website: University of Utah

Intermountain Medical Center Transplant Services

Intermountain Medical Center

Contact by phone (801) 507-3380

Visit their website: Intermountain Medical Center ‚Äč

• Good Samaritan Living Kidney Donation

Good Samaritan donors are living donors who do not know the recipient, but make their donation purely out of selfless motives. This type of donation is also referred to as anonymous or non-directed donation. Recipients are those at the top of the local wait list.

• Paired Kidney Donation

A paired donation consists of two donors who are incompatible with their intended recipients. The two recipients swap donors so that each can receive a compatible kidney. Once the evaluations of all donors and recipients are completed, the two donations and transplants are scheduled simultaneously. Click here for a Youtube video with an example of paired kidney exchange and an explanation of how it works.

• Kidney List donation

Kidney list donation can result when a live donor is incompatible with the intended recipient and donates to the wait list. In return, the intended recipient advances on the wait list, receiving a kidney much more quickly.