Memorial Pictures

If you have attended the Dash for Donation recently, you may have noticed pictures along the course of people with a direct connection to donation, and a short statement describing that connection. We have had many comments from people who love the pictures because they are visual reminders of what organ, eye and tissue donation means in the lives of so many families.

We would love to add more signs and give all participants the opportunity to honor a loved one.

If you have a team with 20 or more registered team members by July 10, Yes Utah will cover the cost of the picture.

If you have a team of less that 20 registered team members, you may purchase a picture for $20. You may then take your picture home after the Dash, or if left at the Dash, Yes Utah will collect the pictures and use them the following year.

A representative from the team will need to request the picture, provide a high quality digital photo and submit a signed release.

The deadline to submit picture requests, release forms and payment is July 10.

To order a picture, please print out the appropriate release form, fill it out and email to

If picture is of a minor, please use this release form Consent for Use of Name and Likeness Legal Guardian.

If picture is of someone who is deceased and the request is being made by a family member, please use this release form Consent for Use of Name and Likeness Legal Authorizing Person.

If picture is of you (the person making this request), please use this form Consent for Use of Name and Likeness.

Please email a high resolution picture to Include the name of the person in the picture and his or her connection to donation, and whether you would like this picture displayed at the Dash in Sugarhouse or at the Dash at Leavitt’s Mortuary. Pictures measure approximately 24”X18″.

Payment can be made using PayPal.