Thanks to Local Newspapers

Jul 17, 2014

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I will be attending the Utah Press Association conference this evening. I always enjoy the opportunity to mingle with the Association members. These are the editors and/or owners of the newspapers, both large and small, in Utah.

Herald Journal

I grew up in a small town, reading the local weekly newspaper. I was kept updated on babies that were born, upcoming weddings and all local sporting events. I’m glad that newspaper is still reporting on local high school events, wedding announcements and the local issues that affect people in that community. While I subscribe to larger newspapers to keep up on what is happening in Utah and around the country, that local perspective is usually found only in those small local newspapers.

I also appreciate those newspapers (both daily and weekly) for the stories they cover about organ and tissue transplant recipients, and donors in the community. It highlights the great need and brings it back to the local community. I would encourage you, the next time you read an article or letter to the editor that highlights the great good that can come from organ, tissue or eye donation, to write to the newspaper and let them know you are a registered organ donor and that the story was important to you. It is always nice to get a little “thank you.”

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