Organ Donation is Truly a Gift

Dec 12, 2014

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I have had the opportunity to work with Fox 13 news on a series of organ donation related stories. Not only are the stories amazing, but I have been touched by viewers comments. Organ and tissue donation affects so many lives. There are countless stories of people who are able to watch their children graduate high school, play with their grandkids, or graduate high school themselves thanks to the selfless gift of another.

I am currently registered on the Utah Donor Registry. Making that decision was easy. When I am gone, I will no longer need my organs, so what a wonderful gift to give someone else. Consider the alternative, if I refuse to donate my organs, they will be buried with me. No one will benefit. It won’t change that fact that I have died.

If I have consented to donation, medical staff will be able to evaluate what I am eligible to donate. Organs can end the wait and restore health to someone who has been sick for a very long time. My corneas might be used to restore sight to someone who is slowly becoming blind. My tendons and ligaments could end the pain of injury for someone. Who knows, they might be able to run and play sports again if the injury prevented those types of activities.

If you are not a registered donor, please think about the lives that can be saved and improved through donation. Consider if you needed an organ or tissue. (Most of the people on the waiting list never thought they would someday need a transplant!) Would you agree to have a transplant? If so, please consider saying Yes.

Registering online is easy. Just log on to

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