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The 18th annual Dash for Donation was held on August 2, 2014. If you have done this event in the past, you know this is a Ďnot to be missedí event that keeps getting even better every year. If you have never Finish line at Weber Dashparticipated in the Dash, you have missed out!

The majority of participants register as part of a team to honor a loved one who has saved lives through organ, eye and tissue donation or to celebrate a life that has been saved or improved through transplantation. People can also participate on an individual basis and support this great cause.

Few things in life have the life changing impact of donation and transplantation. Organ transplants save lives, tissue transplants can improve lives by giving a person back their mobility, reducing pain, or even help in the recovery of severe burns. Families of organ and tissue donors find comfort in knowing that their loved one saved and improved lives. Even if you haven't been personally touched by donation, the Dash is a fun event.

You donít have to be an athlete to have a great time at the Dash. There is a timing clock so thatBeat mom competitive runners can check their time as they come across the finish line, but there is no official timing. For those who donít want to do the 5K but still want to support donation and spend time with family and friends, there is a 2K option.

Proceeds from the Dash are used to support donation education efforts and to maintain Utahís Celebration of Life Monument.